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SonsHub (SH) is an online based blogging business brand. The brand ran for about 3 years as a blog (www.muzikpluz.com.ng) and has experienced and recorded profound success at artiste and songs promotion.
SonsHub (SH) meets your online need for gospel content.

We specialize in media and publicity, giving JESUS a voice in the media, we are a diary of Sons Covering the earth, a chronicle of the manifestation of Sons and making sure the name of Jesus appears every time someone surfs the internet. We fulfil the desire of having the kingdom (sermons, music e.t.c) at your fingertips.

The brand hopes to bring gospel communities from different cities close to each other as gospel content becomes just a download and click away from the soul searching for God. We operate from Abuja, Nigeria to the world.

About Us

We are currently developing an application which while on your phone alerts you of any gospel content uploaded on our site. We are 100% good news.

Most importantly, we are intentional about preaching Christ, we believe the ends of the earth will be reached! We believe the unchurched will get a chance to meet Jesus in the media community.

We are the diary of Sons.



SonsHub (SH) is an off-shoot of a spirit borne desperation to see Jesus represented in the media. It started as a blog “Muzikpluz.com.ng” which gives music and entertainment updates.

Muzikpluz kicked off in the year 2014 with outstanding awards in 2017. The vision was enlarged to accommodate other facets of media and publicity with a lot of outstanding features, this led to the re-branding, hence the birth of SonsHub.

Providing easy and quick means to assessing gospel contents.

We commit to the following objectives in ensuing our mission is fulfilled.
– Constant updates of sermons, music, videos and gospel gist and devotionals.
– Bringing these services to your fingertips via notifications on our applications.
– Ensuring our website is as user friendly as possible.
– Ensuring gospel events have live coverages.

The vision of SonsHub is giving Jesus a voice in the media by creating an international speedy platform for easy access to keep the Christians informed about the gospel environment and taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.
I see a media totally about positivity.

At Sons media we esteem everyone relying on us. We hold dear core values in our running of the business. These include in our running of the business. These include:
– Reliability
– Alertness

– Innovation and creativity
– Validation of content
– Uniqueness and diversity
– Professionalism.