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10 Christian love making songs for married couples

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10 Christian love making songs for married couples 

10 Christian love making songs for married couples 

While some think music isn’t necessary for intimacy with their spouse, the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible is filled with words of romance and passion between a husband and his wife. However, finding clean music about love can pose a challenge since mainstream radio is filled with explicit descriptions and words about sex.


Here’s a list of 10 songs that convey love the way God intended which married couples can enjoy.



1. Good Love — David and Tamela Mann

Kicking off the list is David and Tamela Mann’s first single, “Good Love” off of their first duet album, Us against the world. The song highlights the couple’s soulful harmonies and the journey of their long-lasting love.

“We made it this far/Because we wanted to make it this far/And even though sometimes it was hard/We stayed together, we didn’t fall apart,” the song declares.



2. All I Need Is You — Lecrae

“All I Need is you” is the hit song off of Reach Record founder Lecrae’s Anomaly album. The emcee penned the song in hopes to promote “healthier relationships in hip-hop” as he said in a past interview with

“When you see Jay Z and Beyonce, [you think], OK, marriage is cool now. They set a trend and I think that’s healthy,” he explained. “It’s just continuing with that trend of — what if we’re monogamous? What if we’re consistent in our relationships? What if we tell the truth? What if we don’t lie? What if we don’t cheat? What if we love somebody and we’re not afraid to say it in a hip-hop song? You’ve gotta continue to set trends and be different.”

“By my side, thick and thin/Highs and lows, don’t let go/We gone ride, we gone win/Don’t know how, all I know/ All I need is you,” the Texas natives song proclaims.



3. Fallin in Love — Britt Nicole

Christian pop singer Britt Nicole knows also believes a Christ-centered marriage is important.

“We live in a world where you don’t see a lot of marriages last … As a believer, we should be talking about that as much as we can. About the love God has given us for our spouse and how we can make that last!” Nicole is quoted saying on

Her song “Fallin in Love” off of her self titled album echoes the singer’s statement. In it, she shares her enduring love for her husband.

“I could stare into your eyes for a lifetime/Yep, the way that you’re looking at me, ’cause You stood beside me/Even when the storm was terrifying/Yep, you showed me what love really means,” Nicole sings.



4. “This Is Love” — for KING & COUNTRY

“This Is Love,” off of the Christian band for KING & COUNTRY’s Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong album, is a love song to their wives. The Australian duo detail their disbelief in such great love in the song but then proceed to share their gratitude by vowing to treasure their wives.

“I’ll kiss you only/Darling, I promise/To hold you gently/And still be the strongest/I’m yours completely/No matter what comes our way/I’ll love you til the end of my days/Til the end of my days,” the lyrics of the song state.



5. Holy Ghost Girl — Canton Jones

Popular gospel singer Canton Jones made the list with his song “Holy Ghost Girl,” off of his album Access Granted. The song describes the attractive nature of a woman who is God-fearing and filled with the Holy Spirit.

The prettiest/Most whittiest/The smartest, kind hearted/Woman in the world/Is a holy ghost girl/Who’s living in her holy ghost world/And she shines like a holy ghost pearl,” Jones romantically sings over an R&B beat.



6. Fight for You — Grasyon|Reed

Christian music husband and wife duo Grasyon|Reed penned the song “Fight for You” off of their EP Walk, during a time in their life where they felt their individual careers were driving them apart.

“I think so many of us think love is this ethereal, ‘out there’ emotion… What love really is, is waking up every day and choosing somebody … Writing this song, it’s kind of this revelation for both of us …,” the husband-wife duo said about choosing their love first, according to



7. “I Found Love” — BeBe Winans

Popular gospel artist BeBe Winans released “I Found Love” on the classic BeBe & CeCe Winans’ album, titled Still. The song was written for the marriage of his cousin, Cindy.

“As we get older, the world has a way of telling us that our clocks are ticking,” Winans said to Essence. “But my cousin, Cindy, was determined to wait until that special person came into her life. I always said that I’d write a song for her when she said, ‘I do,’ and I sang this song as she walked down the aisle.”

“I know true love sounds crazy (Sounds crazy)/But worth waiting for/You are the one, my only (My only)/Forevermore (Forevermore),” the lyrics of the song read.



8. “In My Arms” — Jon Foreman

Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman has been creating ballads that make people fall in love since his music was featured in the “A Walk to Remember” soundtrack. His song, “In My Arms,” off of his solo album Limbs And Branches, is another heartfelt poetic tune made for a romance movie.

“I think I’ve figured it out/We need to be together/Like the shore and the sea/We are not one thing/We’re drawn here together/My ocean and me…I dream to hold you in my arms,” Foreman sings in the tune.



9. “You Belong to Me” —  Michael W. Smith

Christian music legend Michael W. Smith certainly has a voice of an angel and in his song “You Belong to Me,” off of his album Wonder, the crooner sings of his love-at-first-sight encounter with his wife, Debbie.

“I’ve had all these love songs for Deb, but I don’t think I’ve really specifically written one that went back to how we met,” Smith said in a past interview with “I was at the Benson Record Company, I called my mom, I’d seen the girl I’m gonna marry, still haven’t met her, she’s in the women’s restroom. So I’m hanging out at the women’s restroom at Benson Record Company, she walks out, she’s got jeans on, a T-shirt, 5′-3,” 100 pounds, I just thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with this girl and she doesn’t even know it.’ I said, ‘Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?’ Or some stupid line. And she went out with me three nights later.

“Then the song scoots ahead to when she said yes. It wasn’t in the moonlight, wasn’t on a mountain top. She came to my place one night, we had dinner, we were sitting there with the dog, and I said, ‘You think we’ll get married one day?’ ‘I don’t know. Maybe.’ I said, ‘You wanna get married?’ She says, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Let’s get married.’ She said, ‘OK.’ You know how everybody comes up with these romantic things and the moonlight—open five boxes to finally get to the ring? I didn’t even have a ring. I just had to write about it.”



10. “Flesh of My Flesh” — Leon Patillo

Lastly, gospel singer Leon Patillo’s “Flesh of My Flesh” stands out as among the evangelist’s greatest work and is often used in many Christian marriages.  The song is from his album Don’t Give In.

“You are flesh of my flesh.  Bone of my bone, there’s no one closer. You are flesh of my flesh, Bone of my bone, we are one,” Patillo sings to his wife. “I will take good care of you,” because “no one else can take your place.”

His words come straight from the Bible found in Genisis 2:23 where Adam says, “This, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”


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