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DOWNLOAD MP3: Yomi Apala – God Father ft Big Bolaji & Babatunmise



Nigerian fast rising gospel Apala maestro, Yomi Olabisi has decided to start the new year in an unusual way.

The artiste just released his long awaited collaboration with two A-list gospel musicians, Big Bolaji and Babatunmise in a song titled GODFATHER.


GODFATHER is a blend of contemporary and modern Apala rhythm that talks about the faithfulness of God in years past.

“A lot of us have faced some challenges that are enough to sweep us off but someone stood by us even when friends and relatives were not there to hold my hands. That our shield and sustain is our GODFATHER.”

Let us rejoice and celebrate the new year with this powerful collaboration from BIG BOLAJI x YOMI OLABISI x BABATUNMISE.

Download and share with your friends.


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DOWNLOAD MP3: Merci Royale – Doer of Great Things



Coming off her soon to be released 7 tracked GRACE album, Praise & Worship leader and songwriter Merci Royale releases new single titled DOER OF GREAT THINGS.

The song extols Jehovah as the God that can do everything and all things. Nothing is too hard for Him.


Stream, download and share as you feel the mighty hand of God’s greatness over your lives.




You are the doer doer doer


Jesus, the doer of great things

Come and turn my life around

Jesus , the doer of great things

Show your self in my life 2x



Omenma nma juru aru ooo

Come and turn my life around

Jesus the wonder working God

Come and turn my life around


Like the widow of Nain

When her hopes were all lost

You gave her hope again

By raising her son.


Like lazarus when men gave Upon me, yo

u said it’s not over and broke all limit

You are my joy

The joy of the whole world

You are my refuge

In you I can be safe.

Repeat chorus



The Stiller of storms

The Quencher of raging waves

Come into my boat

Let me sail safe

The Story Changer,

The Miracle Working God

Come into my life

And change it for good.


My Conqueror,

You always win my battles

My Defender

Always standing in for me.

The anchor of my life

My only life support

Come into my life

I will serve you more and more.


Repeat Chorus 2x


You are the doer doer doer, doer 2x

Doer of great things in my life

Show yourself in my life

Ah ah ah ah ah


You are the doer doer doer of great things 5x

Oh oh oh oooo


Repeat chorus 2x


Call and Response:

Ike ka Ike

Come and turn my life around


Onye dika gi

Ama ma ama si amasi


You are the doer doer doer doer

You are the Doer doer doer,doer of great things


Repeat chorus 2x


Turn it around

Turn it around 2x

Doer of great things.


You are the doer doer doer doe doe doer

You are the doer (till fades)


Mercy Amarachi Agugua, professionally known as Merci Royale, is music minister with a divine purpose. She is blessed with the gift of songwriting and her music compositions are exceptional. GRACE is new her album, packaged with 7 amazing tracks for personal and congregational worship and praise session.

Merci Royale is a trained lawyer who practices in Lagos state Nigeria. She is happily married an her home is blessed with two children.

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DOWNLOAD MP3: Femi Okunuga – Bo Itoro



Amazing and anointed gospel music minister, Femi Okunuga launches a brand new single tagged “Bo Itoro,” accompanied with a live video performance.

Although titled in Ibibio, “Bo Itoro” translates as “Take All The Glory” in English. With a fine composition and merge of languages (Ibibio, English, and Yoruba languages), the song finds its anchor text as Psalms 136.


The song which was recorded live at Femi Okunuga’s “The Communion Live Recording Concert” at RCCG Jubilee Christian Centre, Lagos-Nigeria and captured by Lanre Esho films has several special cameo appearances such as Nosa, Victoria Orenze, David Nkennor, Odunayo Adebayo and just to mention a few.

“Bo Itoro” serves as a worship tool. The song affirms that “God is worthy to receive all our praises because He has done what no man has done.”

The song is co-written by Akinlade Temitope, Moyo Adegbite, and Idahosa Osifo, mixed and mastered by Oluwadamilare Akinyede for AlphaJunes Studio.





Oh everlasting king

Your goodness and love endures

Your mercy is ever sure

And your reign forevermore

God omnipotent one

Sufficient and full of grace

No one compares to you

So we’ve come to reference you


Bo Itoro (2x)

You have done what no man has done

Receive all our praise today


Highly exalted one

Your wisdom no man can search

Holy anointed one

You are faithful, you are true

Wonderful loving God

All glory is yours forever

Worthy of all our praise

We will bow and worship you


Bo Itoro (2x)

You have done what no man has done

Receive all our praise today

You have done what no man has done

You have Healed Who no man Can Heal

You have Saved who no man can save

Receive all my Praise Today


Alagbawi Eda O (Our Advocate)

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DOWNLOAD MP3: Tonbra – You Are Holy



Songwriter and Worshipper at heart, Tonbra Nwosuagwu releases her debut single ‘You Are

Holy’. The new single is a call to deeper worship with God.


She considers the song ‘You Are Holy’ to be a ‘song from heaven’, given to her in her time of personal fellowship with God. The sound was produced by the award winning Sunny Pee.

Tonbra is a UK based, Nigerian, Resilience and Mindset Coach, a Speaker, a Podcaster, Project Manager & Entrepreneur, however beyond all of this Tonbra considers her most important title to be ‘Servant of God’. Tonbra started writing worship songs in 2014 and considers it to be a privilege to be used by God in this way.

Tonbra is a devoted wife and a mother to two beautiful girls whom she cherishes greatly.

On a cold morning of March 2018, on my short walk to work from the train station, I had what I now know was an encounter. I was singing a song I had never heard. I worshipped through songs I knew when I suddenly transitioned and started singing this song ‘You Are Holy’. The clarity that came with the song was astounding, it made such an impression in my heart that as soon as I got to my desk, the first thing I did was to start writing the words to this ‘new’ song that was pouring out of me and crying for expression.

I am grateful for the privilege of that morning, as it deepened my relationship with God, and constantly grants me instant access into the presence of The Almighty.

The song “You Are Holy” reinforces what I had always known, which is just as we are, even without preparation in an earthly sense, wherever we are, God’s Divine presence is perpetually with us.

I now know that true encounters still manifest, even in the most unlikely of settings, whether it is in a burning bush or a parking lot, or on the street or even in your own home. True encounters are still happening and the weight of His glory will come to any heart submitted in worship, that is drenched in Spirit and Truth.

What we seek also seeks us. All we need is a yielded heart. My prayer is that as you listen to this song, may it be the start of many encounters that will change your life, just as this song has done mine.



You Are Holy


You are Holy

Let’s bow before our God and King

Let’s cry hosanna

Let’s worship He who reigns on high

Let’s join the angels

Crying Holy is our God


You are worthy

There is none besides our God

Creation worships

They cry Holy is our God


For He is righteous

He’s He who reigns from heaven above

The elders bow down

They cast their crowns before His throne

For He is Ageless

For He reigns from age to age

I call you Holy

Cause you’re deserving of my praise

(Repeat chorus)


And so we come close, much closer than we have ever been. As we submit ourselves as true worshippers whom you seek Who will worship you in spirit and in truth

And we join the host of heaven

As we chant

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God

The Almighty

The whole earth is filled with HIS glory


For You are holy

Our God who reigns from heaven above

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