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Tori Kelly Pretty Fades Mp3 : Tori Kelly drops this new song “Pretty Fades” off her new Album “Inspired by True Events“.

“This came out of a conversation that I had with my then-boyfriend again. We were just talking about getting older together, about this idea of aging. I remember him saying—and he was trying to be sweet when he said this—‘Hey, don’t worry, babe, I’m still going to love you when you’re ugly.’ I got super offended, then I kind of questioned myself, like, ‘Wait, why am I getting offended? Youth doesn’t last forever and we all do get older, so why am I tripping about this?’ I just started going super internal and thinking about the difference between inner beauty and outer beauty, and the things that last forever versus the things that are temporary. I always say thank you to my husband now, because even though he didn’t mean to inspire the song, I think it’s a great reminder for all of us.” – Tori

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“Pretty Fades” Lyrics:

Hey little lover, do you see me
Oh I really care what you think
All dressed up and it’s all for show
Gotta play the part just so you notice me baby
It’s what you like
Lipstick ready, painted eyes
Oh I got your focus just for now
But I know it’ll leave when it all fades out
When it all fades out

Gotta have it, think I need it, cause I want it
But hold up wait
When I’m looking in the mirror
Gotta tell myself that the pretty fades
When I’m older and I wake up with no makeup
And my body changed
Will he tell me that I’m perfect
I want someone when the pretty fades

Hey television, can’t think straight
Got me believing that I can’t age
Try to convince but I know the truth
There’s something more beautiful than my youth

Hey little darling, dry your tears
Don’t be scared of another year
Soon we’ll be laughing at our old mistakes
Loving every line on our wrinkled face

All that’s left will be hiding underneath
(When the pretty, pretty, pretty fades)
Just want somebody who loves all of me
(When the pretty, pretty, pretty fades)

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