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Tori Kelly Your Words Mp3 : Tori Kelly drops this new song “Your Words” off her new Album “Inspired by True Events“.

“The interlude right before this song is my grandfather actually doing my baby dedication—he’s praying for me. I remember finding the clip and I just broke down crying. This is so special. It was crazy just to see him talking, and it made me really miss him a lot. I never thought I’d write a song like this, because I just hadn’t gone through anything like it before. This one goes really specific into his life and even talks about where he grew up, which was Jamaica, and then he moved to Queens. It even describes a fireplace, and a cabin up in the mountains. That’s because one of the last times I got to sit and talk with him, that’s where we were. When he passed, I was going through a lot with my family and I really wanted to just hear his advice.” – Tori

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“Your Words” Lyrics:

An empty house, a dusty room
A photograph of me and you
A smile of hope in your ear
Your smile told me that you could hear

And I know that I’ll see you again
But I don’t want this to be the end
It’s hard to say goodbye
Guess you’re gone this time

Every part of me misses
Every part of you
And with all the chaos in my world
I could really use your words
Every part of me wishes
That you could make me see different
With all the heartache, all the hurt
I could really use your words right now

The smell of pine, forest green
A winter fire of fallen trees
And stories told from Kingston to Queens
A life of love and memories

Heaven rejoices
Saints lift their voices
As they welcome you home
Streets are now gold for you
And God is now holding you
And you’ll never be alone

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