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Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon Blasted for Christmas Song Critics Say Is ‘Full of Lust’



Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon Blasted for Christmas Song Critics Say Is 'Full of Lust'

Popular gospel singer Deitrick Haddon, who warned that his new Christmas song is for “married couples only,” is drawing flak for what critics say is too sexual and “full of lust.”

Haddon, who is also founding pastor of Hill City Church in California, teased a clip of the song on Facebook last Thursday, calling it “a little taste of the new @zaytovenbeatz and Deitrick Christmas record that will be dropping in a few weeks!!”

Rather than the usual celebration of Christ’s birth highlighted in traditional Christmas music, Haddon sings about a couple using the time to have sex.

“Let’s make love on Christmas. Stars are shining bright to set the mood for you and I. Let’s make love on Christmas baby. Underneath the mistletoe I won’t let you go till you feel the love between us,” Haddon sings in the clip.

The artist then gets more explicit in his lyrics.

While some of the preacher’s fans were supportive of the music, many others felt it was inappropriate to turn Christmas into a time to celebrate sex.

Popular internet preacher and Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers explained in a video that he didn’t like the way Haddon and other Christian artists like him were trying to be too much like the world.

“So I just heard Deitrick Haddon’s new song, sexual, full of lust,” Rogers said.

“Listening to the song he’s talking about laying up between some legs and eating milk and cookies. Just full of lust. Doesn’t really clarify from what I heard about being married. He just looks desperate to be secular and be like the world and the Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” he continued before lamenting about the secularization of Christian music.

“We see this coming out more now with Christian artists. Whether they didn’t have the talent or the personality or even looks I guess to make it in the secular world. And then they get a little fame with the gospel platform and then they want to cross over. They start taking Jesus out of the message, watering down the Gospel,” he explained.

“And because they want to hold on to their base they say you know I’m trying to be more versatile to win souls but you don’t ever really see them winning anybody. They make music with all these secular people, none of them change, none of them gets saved. All that happens is compromise and watering down and the craziest part is this — if somebody stands up and says it’s wrong Christians be the biggest ones to defend it.”

Rogers called on Christians to not be afraid to stand for their beliefs because standing up for what the Bible says is becoming increasingly unpopular.

“We’re at a point now in Christianity where you can’t stand for anything. You can’t stand for righteousness, can’t stand for holiness. If you take a stand, if you say what the Bible says, if you speak out against something it’s judging and ‘who do you think you are,'” the preacher said.

He urged prayers for Haddon and noted that “there comes a time when you should just know better.”

“When you’re in a certain position, a certain platform you should just know better because you are a representation of Christianity,” he said.

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Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Bishop Oyedepo For Insulting Him




Popular OAP Daddy Freeze took to his Instagram to tender an apology to Bishop Oyedepo for insulting him in a video recorded about 2 years ago that surfaced online. This is after Ibiyeomie, Founder and General Overseer of Salvation Ministries, threatened to arrest him and also pastor Enenche described Daddy Freeze as a mad dog who is suffering from bipolar disease

He took to his Instagram and tendered apology in a video. Watch Below..

He Said

My attention has been drawn to a video I released circa two years, seven months ago while addressing some pertinent issues that arose back then. I apologise for the delivery of my message and for any insult to Bishop David Oyedepo in that video as I didn’t in any way intend to dishonour, disrespect or disregard the person of the bishop.

The perceived intention to the contrary is regretted. My methods of addressing doctrinal issues have long since devolved to a more scriptural and less confrontational approach. I was, and still, very passionate in my quest to address what I believe are unresolved doctrinal issues, however, from a more amiable perspective.”

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Sammie Okposo Disrupts Normalcy With Forthcoming Single “Omeriwo” Featuring Mercy Chinwo & Henrisoul



Award winning international Gospel music minister Sammie Okposo is on a mission to disrupt the normal order in the ‘Gospeldom’ with the release of the unusual single titled “Omeriwo.”

Sammie Okposo announced the release date of the forthcoming single as October 1st 2020. The song which features 2 sensational Gospel singers Mercy Chinwo and Henrisoul is a very groovy Afro Gospel tune.

Speaking about the release Sammie Okposo said judging from all that Nigeria has been through in 2020, and by extension, the world at large, there is a need for celebration seeing that God has seen us through it all.

“God has indeed done it, Nigeria and the world has overcome the pandemic and it is time to celebrate!” He said.

The tone and mood of the song is quite festive. The anticipation artwork as released by Sammie Okposo earlier today also depict the tone and mood of the song perfectly.

At the release of “Omeriwo,” it will be Sammie Okposo’s 6th release for the year 2020. It follows the release of the very successful “I Thirst For You.” which was at the number 2 trend all day on Twitter upon release. It was also at the top of many-a-chart and was complemented with a video. Other amazing singles released this year include “I Have Never Seen God Change,” “Skaataa Dance,” “Nigerian Worship Medley” and “Nobody Can.”

The forthcoming new single “Omeriwo,” just like the last release, was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Sammie Okposo at Zamar Entertainment studio. It was also written by Sammie Okposo.

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My Music Is For Everyone, I Don’t Discriminate – El’ Grace



Grace Oluwadiya (El Grace) grew up in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The musician attended Federal University of Technology (FUTA), Akure where she studied Architecture before moving to the US. Her passion for music has kept her on track, still having her sound recognised in Nigeria, having concerts and keeping up on her career as a nurse abroad. She speaks with FAVOUR BOLUWADE on her achievements, style and other issues.

How did you keep up being abroad and still able to resound your music in your motherland?

Through the grace of God, the internet and my promotion team, I have been able to make some impact.

What influenced your diversion to gospel music?

I grew up in the church and I have always been into gospel music. However, my background was more of classical music and hymns.

Do you think it is easier to be recognised when your music can be played to any audience? 

I think it depends on the purpose of your music and the message you want to pass across and to whom the message belongs. Some people write inspirational songs that carry good message but not necessarily to the church. Even though I am a music minister, my music is not just for the church, it’s for the whole world. However, my music reflects my God and who He is, which is my message to the world. I think when a song has a good melody, then a good message it appeals to everyone regardless.

Challenges so far? 

First, it was hard to get anyone that would believe in me, to produce my songs, but I think that’s because God wanted me to work with the right person. Also, I have to work harder being outside the country, yet making my music known on the side of the world.

How did you come about your stage name?

El’ Grace means God’s Grace, but I removed the S so people don’t call me Els grace and sound like Hell’s grace. My first name is Grace, hence, God’s Grace.

You had a concert in Nigeria last year; did COVID-19 stop this year?

Yes, I had a live recording concert last year September 2019 theme (Abundant Praise) featuring renowned saxophonist Beejay Sax, Efe Nathan, Yetunde Are, Bukola Bekes, Segun Atoyebi, Kunle Adeola, Tosin Alao and some other great musicians. This year I wanted to do another, but with the pandemic, I had to let it go and focus on other projects.

What’s your next collaboration game? 

Of course in the nearest future, I will have. I don’t know who yet.

Who are your mentors? 

I have people I watch and learn from, like Tasha Cobbs, Nathaniel Bassey, Victoria Orenze.

Do you feel fulfilled with what you do musically?

Of course, I am, but I am a perfectionist, and my own number one critic, I strive to be better each day.

What genres of music have you explored so far; what is your peculiar sound?

Wow, my album has 12 songs, where 11 are totally different. I have explored as many genres as possible. I have contemporary Christian Music, soft rock Ballard, slow high life and so on.

Would you, now that you do gospel, team up with a secular singer like others do?

We are all created by God, I do not discriminate. As long as the song is not in anyway mocking God, and as long as it does not promote evil.

What notions are wrong about Gospel music and you wish could be changed?

Some people believe all gospel artistes sing for money, or they are just jobless people that are singing for money or fame. Not at all, I work. I am a Nurse and it’s a ministry and my singing is one other that God gave me.

How do you juggle with music?

By God’s grace. I do juggle both. I prioritise and take one thing at a time.

What’s your new single about?

It is a song of testimony; it’s about God’s greatness and His power to save and deliver; Agbanilagbatan as the Yorubas would call Him. Even with the Coronavirus situation, I had to work with people with Corona pandemic. God was totally faithful hence the reason for my song.

Your background? 

In Nigeria, I studied Architecture and did work as an architect for some time before I traveled to the United States with my family. I started singing in church as a little girl and I played the violin when I was 2 years old. Music has always been a part of me. However, I started writing my songs in 2013 and I started recording professionally in 2017. My first song titled ‘You are beautiful’ is still available on all digital platforms.

As Long As The Song Doesn’t Mock God And Doesn’t Promote Evil, I Can Team Up With A Secular Singer – El Grace

Social Media Account
Twitter: Elgracemuzik
Instagram: Elgracemuzik
Facebook: Elgracemuzik

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