DOWNLOAD MP3: Anna Golden – The Word (Lyrics + Video)
Anna Golden – The Word

Rising artist and powerhouse vocalist Anna Golden shared a powerful performance video for her soaring ballad “The Word.” After releasing her stunning new live album ‘Church,’ a 10-track testimony to the power of community to heal personal wounds.

Golden’s ethereal vocals take center stage on “The Word” as she sings over a lone piano, eventually growing into a booming declaration of sheer joy and thanksgiving. “The Word” is the third track on ‘Church.’


In the beginning the word was with God
And the word was God himself
There in the shadows a whisper of light
And the veil of darkness fell

The word was
The word is
The word will be forever and ever

There in the middle the word became flesh
From glory down to dust
Traded the heavens to come wash our feet
Living water here with us
All for a world He loved

For when You say it
It is finished
Your word is final
And I believe it

The word heals
The word builds
The word stands
Forever and ever

The word is moving
The word is living
The word is returning
To earth from the heavens

And in the ending the word will remain
Though the earth will pass away
Kingdoms will crumble, and riches will fade
But the word of God will reign
And the church of Christ will say



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