Contemporary gospel singer-songwriter Ethan makes a powerful debut with “Only Jesus,” his first official single produced by Sunny Pee.

Long-awaited for those who have been influenced by the depth of his worship culture and vocal artistry, this moving new track comes timely with an affirmative declaration that “Only Jesus” can do the things He does.

Amid the global pandemic and the fear it seeks to propagate, “Only Jesus” brings healing and hope, stirring up an atmosphere for increased faith in the all-sufficient God.

Ethan: “This song has drawn me to the place of prayer and I believe it is an anthem the world needs in this season”

Delivered with an exquisite voice, Ethan combines spiritual depth with musical simplicity on this masterpiece making it easy-to-learn and singalong.


About Ethan

Ethan Otedola is a contemporary singer-songwriter, gospel recording artist and vocal coach who hails from Lagos, Nigeria. He started singing at the age of 12 in a church choir and gradually grew in his craft and skill into becoming a high-quality tonal singer with an excellent timbre.

Over the years, Ethan has soared in the music sphere as a professional vocal coach, arranger and music director, a responsibility he still carries to date to the best of his abilities. He currently serves as a worship leader and music director in his home church, Masterpiece Assembly.

Ethan is a music minister with a mandate to inspire and equip the younger generation, shaping their minds to be compliant with the Realities of God’s Kingdom through his lifestyle and music.

He recently released his debut single “Only Jesus,” a worship masterpiece from his songbook. Prior to the official release, the song had received great reviews from other worship leaders.

Ethan is also the President and founder of Dulcetunes, a music school per excellence for producing what he calls “THE 3600 MUSICIAN”.


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