DOWNLOAD MP3: Marty, Hollyn - The One With The Emo TRL Sound

Marty, Hollyn – The One With The Emo TRL Sound

Download & stream The One by Marty, Hollyn & the Emo TRL Sound below. Accompanied with the complete lyrics.



Changing flights I want to come back home

Arguments we yelling on the phone

What do you want from me

You can have it all

It’s just you and me

Or not at all

And it goes

On and on and on and on and on

Cause I’m leaving on another plane

You can’t choose who you love and who’s your friends

If I don’t call will you understand

Girl you know that I’m always your man

I am yours

I know sometimes I leave you by yourself

My body’s laying next to you, my mind is somewhere else

What does it really mean to be in love

It’s a choice you make every day even when you’ve had enough


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