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Paddy is a contemporary, spiritual and inspirational music artiste… His full name is Patrick Obinna Odiakose, however he grew up being called Paddy by loved ones from birth till date and decided to also keep it as his official name for his music career. His Love for music can’t be quantified accurately as it grows day after day in strength and depth and he has this debut single,”Glorious God”, as an evidence of that. He started up in his church choir and is still an active member of his church music group.

“Glorious God ” is his debut single written by him and produced by Crix B, spiritualbeatz …it’s a song all in appreciation for God’s love and mercy, as the Bible tells us in Romans 5:8 that God expressed His Love for us in that WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS, He sent down His only begotten son to die for us, that we may have everlasting life and as noted in John 10:10, have it more abundantly…. Only a ‘GLORIOUS GOD’ can do that!!! Download, Listen, Share and be blessed.

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Verse 1

Lord something about you makes me love you

It’s the deepest emotion I can feel

‘cos you loved me in all of my unbelief

So what more can I say, but imela Eze(thank you king)


Imela Eze (thank you king)

Glorious God, papa ooo

naanị gị bụ Chi (only you are God)

Imela Eze (thank you king)

Glorious God, Papa ooo

Receive up my praise

Imela Eze (thank you king) x4


You give me the peace and joy, morning light

Say it’s how I confirm your love unfeigned

Every day, Every night, (i) live by faith

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Just wanna know you more, Love you more, Stay with you



Ọlọrun ayé ayé (God of the world) baba mi(my daddy) nobody like you


First and last Lord you are to me

Glorious God

That’s who you are

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