DOWNLOAD MP3: RIWE OTITO (Recieve the Praise) Tochukwu Ibekwe feat. Oge Zac
RIWE OTITO (Recieve the Praise) Tochukwu Ibekwe feat. Oge Zac
Tochukwu Ibekwe the Portharcourt based gospel recording artist, worshipper and prolific song-writer releases yet another debut single titled “RIWE  OTITO” which means “Recieve the Praise” in Igbo dialect and this time featuring a powerful worshipper Oge Zac

RIWE OTITO (Recieve the Praise) is a soul lifting song inspired by the Holy Spirit reminding us of how far God has brought us despite the challenging times we face, and the need to return PRAISES to God in all.

Tochukwu Ibekwe is a skillful, soul keyboardist and singer who hails from Imo state.
A music director and worshipper who have expressed with time his love and flare for old melodic worship songs especially in the Igbo dialect…. He is a practicing Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur

As recorded in Psalm 34:1, let us join in the continuous songs of Praise to our God and enjoy more and more of His blessings.

God bless you as you download, listen and share “RIWE OTITO”


Lyrics: Riwe Otito – Tochukwu Ibekwe feat. Oge Zac

Eze Ebube
Riwe Otito
You deserve all our Praises

Onweghi onye dika gi
(there’s no one like you)
Onweghi onye yiri gi
(there’s no one in resemblance)
Onweghi onye dika gi
(there’s no one like you)

That’s why say……

Riwe Otito (recieve the praise)
Ekele (thanksgiving)
Odighi onye dika gi( there’s no one like you)

Onweghi onye dika gi eee
Nobody like you
No friend like you
No God like you
You are sovereign, doing as you please
No one no one eeee uuu
Egbekuwe dike
Dike agbarabia
Eze agbarabia
Oma kosidiri m ooo
(One who knows my situation)
Onye ne lekotam eee
(One who takes care of me)
Ome n’ukorom Eze m
(One who acts in my time of lack)
Receive my Praises

Who is this king of glory?
The Lord strong and mighty.
The Lord mighty in battle
Ibu okemmuo n’eri okeaja(Great spirit that consumes great sacrice)
Oloro ihe loro enyi(Bigger than than the biggest)
Agu bata ngbada enwere oso
Receive all our Praises

Who can battle with the Lord?
Who can stand against Him?
No height, no fear, circumstances, nor enemy.
The Lord strong and mighty to save;
Strong in Himself, Mighty in battle
Ebube dike, Chim jiike
(Great warrior, God of strength)
Agu n’echemba Chukwu oma
(Lion who shields a city, good God)
Chimgi ejeagha, odighi onye dika gi
No matter how large a crowd oooo
No one competes with You

Riwe Otito (recieve the praise)
Ekele (thanksgiving)
Odighi onye dika gi( there’s no one like you)

Odighi onye ozor
(there’s no one)
Onweghi onye ozor
(there’s no one)
Odighi chi ozor
(there’s no other God)
N’ezi omume
N’ezi omume ooo
(In good deeds)

Onye n’ekpe ikpe ziri ezi
(Righteous judge)
Onye n’ehicham anya nmiri
(One who wipes my tears)
Udara nadara nwaewe nne
(Help for the motherless)
Ekele riwe otito m
(Thanks, recieve my praise)
Egbekuwe dike
(We call on you)
Dike agbarabia
(You run to our aid)
Eze agbarabia
(King runs to our aid)
Recieve receive my Praises
Recieve all Praises
No one like you…


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