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Tori Kelly The Lie Mp3 : Tori Kelly drops this new song “The Lie” off her new Album “Inspired by True Events“.

“It’s funny that it comes right after ‘Actress.’ I think in ‘The Lie,’ I’m actually the actress. I’m the one singing the song and kind of playing a character. The song is kind of imagining how would I respond or what would I be feeling if I did fall for that lie that money buys happiness, and fame can buy happiness—all these things that seem great in the beginning, but if you don’t handle it right, then it could be really scary and dangerous.” – Tori

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“The Lie” Lyrics:

I need some closure
Feel like the chip fell off my shoulder
Opened my wounds and made me close up

I got everything that I thought I’d like
Simple memories leave a stain like wine
It’s pouring over
Coursing my veins, leaving me sober

They told me the more the better
Guess the joke’s on me
Same old song I cry
Lie lie lie
Lie lie lie

I hate roller coasters
Them ups and downs get me no closer
Played my role and did what I’m supposed to
They say, “She’s heatin’ up,” but I feel colder

Pour the gasoline set my dreams on fire
Smokin’ up my mirrors till it burns my eyes
I’m moving blind now
An empty heart is not a hideout

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