Lagos, Nigeria – EeZee Global, Nigeria’s leading Gospel record label, has become a beacon of hope for Gospel artists seeking professional representation and support. Originally founded in Port Harcourt, the label relocated to Lagos following the successful launch of its first artist’s project.

In 2019, Minister Judikay joined EeZee Global, marking the beginning of a steady expansion of talented artists under the label’s umbrella. What sets EeZee Global apart is its unparalleled commitment to artists, offering a comprehensive sign-on package that includes housing, a car, and various incentives. This groundbreaking approach allows Gospel artists to focus on their craft without the added burden of self-management, executive production, and artist and repertoire (A&R) responsibilities. It’s worth noting that these benefits were not simply handed out by the label’s CEO, Mr. Ezekiel “EeZee Tee” ThankGod, but were made possible through his unwavering dedication to establishing a thriving Gospel music industry. Mr. ThankGod went as far as selling his own car and sacrificing a personal project to ensure the success of the label’s first artist.

At the core of EeZee Global’s operations is its state-of-the-art facility, which houses a digital and live recording studio for audio and video production. By providing a conducive environment and eliminating logistical challenges, the label ensures that artists can maintain a fresh mindset and focus on their creative endeavors.

Despite EeZee Global’s notable achievements, there have been recent negative reports, including allegations of abuse by former artist Great Daniel, who was once the youngest member of the label. Such claims suggest that a label committed to promoting structure and excellence through Kingdom principles could be involved in fraudulent and abusive practices. However, it is important to consider the perspective of a label as established and diverse as EeZee Conceptz, which encompasses numerous artists, musicians, artisans, and professionals. It is not uncommon for misunderstandings to arise within such a multifaceted organization.

Moreover, when the relationship between the label and its artists was more harmonious, these individuals and their associates consistently praised EeZee Global. On special occasions and birthdays, media outlets witnessed the exchange of luxurious gifts such as high-end cars and sponsored vacations, as shared by the artists themselves, all made possible by the label’s support.

During the unveiling ceremony of the new EeZee Global facility, even Great Daniel himself testified to the positive impact of the label’s CEO on his life and family. This extended beyond fulfilling contractual obligations, as Mr. ThankGod generously sponsored Great Daniel’s family members. To emphasize this point, the label boss disclosed that approximately N24 million had been invested in Great Daniel’s project up to that point.

When approached for a response regarding the recent allegations made by Great Daniel in an interview, EeZee Tee declined to comment. However, it is worth noting that artists such as Minister GUC, Judikay, and Esther Orji, who are associated with the label, have consistently incorporated speaking in tongues into their performances without any adverse consequences. This raises questions about the validity of the claims.

During a recent media chat with Chibuike Godson of Gospel Entity, a renowned website dedicated to the best Gospel music, messages, videos, devotionals, and entertainment, the contrasting perspectives of artists before and after the reported souring of their relationships with the label became apparent. It would be unjust to dismiss the movement EeZee Global represents, solely based on individual grievances. Instead, it is essential to adopt a forward-thinking mindset focused on collective progress and the thriving development of the “Mindustry.”

Undeterred by the recent events, EeZee Global has announced its annual concert, Gospel Groove 2023, which is set to take place in the near future. The label remains resolute and focused on its mission of spreading the Gospel through music, guided by Kingdom principles.

EeZee Global’s commitment to its artists and the advancement of the Gospel music industry in Nigeria is unwavering. The label’s innovative approach, providing comprehensive support and state-of-the-art facilities, has set a new standard in the industry. While recent allegations may have cast a shadow, it is important to consider the broader context and the numerous positive testimonies from artists who have experienced EeZee Global’s dedication firsthand.

Moving forward, it is crucial for stakeholders to approach the situation with an open mind and a willingness to seek resolution. By working together, the Gospel music community can foster an environment that nurtures talent, promotes excellence, and uplifts the message of faith.

About EeZee Global:
EeZee Global is Nigeria’s premier Gospel record label, dedicated to promoting and supporting talented Gospel artists. With a commitment to Kingdom principles, EeZee Global provides comprehensive sign-on packages, state-of-the-art facilities, and a conducive environment for artists to flourish. The label’s vision is to revolutionize the Gospel music industry in Nigeria and beyond, spreading the message of faith through the power of music.


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