Curb | Word Entertainment recording artist Meredith Andrews is excited to return to the origin of her dreams, releasing her first all-Spanish album, Ábrenos Los Cielos, today 5/21. Listen to the album HERE.

“What’s so beautiful about speaking to someone in their mother tongue is that they then have this kind of comprehensive understanding, and it speaks to them on an emotional level—not just on an intellectual level where they’re simply trying to translate a song,” Andrews explains of the opportunity to record a Spanish album. “I’m just thankful that I get to offer that to people. It’s such a beautiful language, and they’re beautiful people. I’m really honored that I get to do this.”


Ábrenos Los Cielos Track Listing:

  1. “Ábrenos Los Cielos (Open Up The Heavens) feat. Seth Condrey”
  2. “Millones de Santos (A Million Saints) feat. Blanca”
  3. “Fe y Asombro (Faith and Wonder) feat. Lucia Parker”
  4. “Espacio Te Haré (Make Room)”
  5. “Espíritu Santo de Dios (Spirit Of The Living God)”
  6. “Ni Un Momento (Not For A Moment)”
  7. “Sostienes El Mundo (Carry The World)”
  8. “Más y Más (On And On) feat. Julissa”
  9. “Se Abre Sobre Mi (Open Over Us) feat. Miel San Marcos”
  10. “Tengo que Tenerte (Have To Have)”
  11. “Quién Podría (Who Could)”


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