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Aaron Cole releases his new project AOTY (All of This Yours). The name was inspired by winning New Artist of the Year of the Doves and him chopping the “N” off for the acronym.

Mad is a single off the The Project.


Oh they big mad
Honestly man I just feel bad
One look at me they say that boy he different
Oh, yeah they mad at me
The hate it’s just flattering
They looking at me like I’m speaking in
Spanish I’m taking they seat and I know they can’t stand it
You can have it all and you can still be empty handed
But they keep asking for my feature price I told em it’s gigantic
What you expect I’m putting in work I’m breaking the glass
I’m going Shaquille So stay on alert 276 on my back
We putting VA on the map
So you know that I cannot fold
Take my city wherever I go
Can’t tear down what he done blessed
All my goals done manifest
I did the work but he did the rest
They say they love me but I know that’s cap
I know they hate to see us getting trophies
When I see em now yeah they act like they don’t know me
I don’t get it but they …I signed a deal at 15
I was just getting my dreams
My parents was loving on me
They sacrificed everything
Remember them shows at the west end mall
So called friends wouldn’t take my calls
Was hitting labels they didn’t reply
Now they be saying AOTY
These artists think they in my class
I took the award and look at em MAD
They keep on talking they making me laugh
I’m Hillary Banks, I be dodging the Jazz
Yeah Mutumbo the way that I pin it
Ain’t no way I want it, it ain’t got em in it
Uh yea
That’s how we stay winning
Uh yeah
It’s just the beginning
I got y’all upset
Keep doing what y’all say I can’t
Y’all can’t compete with the best
Who you kiddin’ ain’t way you stopping
John Witherspoon the way that I be popping

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