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Nigerian based gospel artiste and prolific song-writer Adeoye Otemuyiwa also known as Adanimagbagbe released his much awaiting single titled “MARITEMISE”

MARITEMISE is a song received under the influence of the Holy spirit for affirmation of Prophetic confession irrespective of your status.

Honestly, this song was inspired under the influence of the Holy Spirit sometimes ago when I was troubled by certain issues. On a faithful evening I was actually led to study the word of God even though I was damn worn out but while I was studying I stumbled on Songs of David Psalm 34 verse 10 specifically , which says “The young lion do lack and hungry , but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good things” so right there I started meditating on the word and I had to bring it into reality on the consequences of the global economic recession and the current pandemic ravaging the entire Universe which drastically affected the sustainability of human race. However, there was scarcity in the land even to put food on the table became tough for so many people, Sincerely, even the rich were also crying. The implications of this became very eminent on me and I had to cry out having read the word of God and I prophesy into my life that no matter how difficult things might appear in the town, that there will always be a away out for me. Honestly, I hold unto that confession daily and its been working for me and my family since the LORD gave me the Song. So, I declare into your life as you are reading this piece, that regardless of your situation you wil enjoy undiverted, uncorrupted and undeniable blessings of God in every area of your life in Jesus name.

As you declare with affirmation into your life with a song titled MARITEMISE, I pray that the LORD mark of success, greatness and excellence is released upon you in Jesus Precious name, amen.




CHORUS: Bo ti wu ki ilu le to Maritemise o

BACKUP: Repeat Chorus/3×


Lead repeat call: Bo ti wu ki ilu le to maritemise

Backup: Repeat Chorus

Lead Vocal: Ire owo ire Omo, aiku bale Oro

Backup: Repeat chorus

L/v: Bo ti wu ki naija le to maritemise Baba Backup repeat chorus

L/v: Oluwa nbe leyin mi o

Jehovah nbe leyin mi o

Adanimagbagbe nbe leyin mi o

Jehovah nbe leyin mi, Ajinde ati iye

O’nbe leyin mi, Bo ti ki ilu le to

Maritemise ooo

Backup: Repeat chorus

L/V: Ninu Odun yi ire gbogbo ko wo le mi ri o

Backup: Repeat Chorus

Lead: ilu le ile Cole maritemise o….Backup: Repeat Chorus

Syncopation (instrumental)

Backups: Maritemise /2× Bo ti le wu kilu le to Maritemise//2×

L/v: Ahh! Majemu re ni mo diro mo ileri re ni mo gbekele ooo/2× Eni gbekele loluwa ko ni jogun ofo, bo ti wu kilu leto Maritemise oo

Backups: Repaeat Chorus

L/v: Repeat Chorus

Backup: Repeat Chorus

Call: Ni nàijiria ni Oke okun Maritemise oo odidaadan — Backup: Repeat chorus

L/v: Bo ti wu ki ilu leto Maritemise

ADLIP: (Marona gbegba laye)


L/v: Ma fowo gbeyin leyin mi o/2×

Owo,se koko kosemani//2×

Bo ti wu ki ilu le to Maritemise ooo—-All: Repeat Chorus

L/V: ire gbogbo ko wo ile mi wa

Ki n’lowo lowo ki nribatise Baba oo

BACKUP: Repeat chorus


LEAD: Iyanu asele

BACKUPS: Odamiloju

Iyanu t’oju ari…. ” ”

Iyanu t’eti agbo.. ” ”

Iyanu t’enu aso..” ”

Asele n’ile mi ….” ”

Asele nile gbogbo wa….” ”

Iyanu ko wa mi ri …….” ”

Iyanu asele eee

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