Download Mp3: Adonis - Surely
Download Mp3: Adonis – Surely

Alfred Adonis Is an Independent Nigerian Gospel Singer. He readies a new song titled “Surely”.

The song came to me as I pondered on the Divine attributes and characteristics of the Almighty God; how He is above everyone and everything in all ramifications.

Adonis is a native of Ibadan in Oyo State, but he’s Lagos-based. He’s also a trained, certified teacher with years of experience.

He graduated from Saint Andrew’s College Of Education, Oyo; Calcare Training School in Lagos. I was 10 years old when I started my career as a chorister in my local church, and ever since, my love for singing God’s praise started to grow.

As you listen to this song, may the Spirit that inspired the song to bring you the divine presence of God and reveal Him to you in greater dimensions.



Surely, you are the greatest

CHORUS (2x):

Daju – shaka

Eyin loto biju

E tobi ju aye ohun orun

E tun ga ju eni toga julo

E tun gbon ju eni to gbon julo

CHORUS (2x):

Surely, you, you, you are the greatest

You are greater, greater than the greatest

You are higher, higher than the highest

You are better, better than the best


You are wiser – You are

You are older – You are

You are bigger, .hm – hm

You are bigger, bigger than the biggest


You are awesome, You are

You are glorious, you are

You are different, yeah

You are different, there is none like you

VERSE 3 (2x)

The Al – Almighty

The All – Sufficient One

All pow’r belongs to

Power belongs to You


Surely, you, you, you are the greatest


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