Download Mp3: Alerotune - Won't Give Up

UK-based Nigerian singer-songwriter Alerotune releases her debut single ‘won’t give up’!

Alerotune who has been a passionate music-lover from childhood has served in various church choirs and music groups.

Her debut release ‘Won’t Give Up’ was written in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a song of hope that testifies to the faithfulness of God. ‘Won’t give up’ compels us to rely on the love and mighty power of God and to keep our heads up no matter the challenges of life that we may face.





When I am weak

God you are strong

when I am down

You lift me up

Shelter from the rain

Peace inside the storm

In my time of need

You are all I need


You tell me not to give up on you

Cos you’ll hold my hand

You tell me not to give up on you

You are here with me

You are my strength and refuge

God you are my rock

You are my one and only

Lord you are my God


Again and again

Seasons unfold

A different battle

The one same God

Now that I know

Your power that’s in me

I will fear no evil

I’m victorious


BRIDGE (lead vocal, unison, then 3 part harmony twice)

When I call your name

You will answer me

Every single time

Cos you never change

(Back to chorus)


So I will never give up on you (x4)

(Harmonise then invert)

Back to chorus

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