Download Mp3: Damola Akiogbe - Ephphata (Be Opened)
Download Mp3: Damola Akiogbe – Ephphata (Be Opened)

Renowned Word, Drama and Music Minister, Damola Akiogbe, releases debut single titled EPHPHATHA.

Let the sound of freedom ring loudly concerning me, saying… Ephphatha!

Let chains be broken and prisons doors be open. Ephphatha!

Let there be no distance between heaven and earth again when it comes to my Purpose, assignments and Gods will and agenda for my life. Ephphatha!

God, speak to the Heavens

Let the Heavens give the earth prophetic instructions concerning me saying… Ephphatha!

As a result of this “sound” that I released on the earth, I pray prophetic Words will no longer be rescheduled and delayed concerning me. No, never again, so I cry with a loud voice saying…

Ephphatha! Be Opened! Be Opened!

The song was produced by Yemi Akingboye and the lyrics video was created by Oyez for GospelNaija.






I receive Access

My ways are now clearer

And the gates are removed

Access to the place

That is bigger than I

I’m Released to the Nations

To fulfill Gods purpose (2x)


Be opened in Jesus name

Ears, hear now freely what God has in mind

My tongue is now loosed

I can now speak freely

Cos now I have access

I am set to do will


Cities be opened in Jesus name today

I stepped into the kingdom

Nations hear now my cry

My spirit is now free

To conceive God’s purpose

And now I have access

Aligned to do His will

Chorus twice


Oh, Nations are calling my name, access to enter in

Like a colt that was tied

I am loosed in Jesus name

It’s my season of grace

Not by power not by might

I receive now an access 3x

I’m set to do His will


Oh oh Not by power, I say


Awake, awake, oh my glory


Awake, Awake, oh ye that sleeps in the spirit

for there is a sound of Revival.

I call for a Revival in your spirit

I call for a Revival in your soul

I call for a Revival in your mind

I have come in the volumes of the book to fulfill that which was written concerning my DESTINY


I abort every “abortion” concerning my destiny.

I push aside every hindrance to my way


There is a hidden glory that must be revealed, yes there is.


I am opened to God’s purpose

I am opened to Gods Will

I am opened to destiny


To every man at the valley of dry bones, wondering; “Can my dry bones live again?” I say “Ephphatha!”

To every woman at the verge of birthing destiny, LEGS and WOMBS are closed against you I cried out in the name of Jesus”Ephphatha!”

To every destiny, every voice, every life that seems lost, misunderstood, mis-managed while trying to fulfill purpose; I shout

“Ephphatha! 2x

Be Opened in Jesus name.


Damola Akiogbe is a praise and worship leader of over 25 years. She is the convener of the yearly program; “Where Are Your Accusers”, where scriptures are broken down graphically through Drama and Worship for easy understanding.

She does this with grace and passion so much so that every drama is duely projected with costumes and props suitable for the scripture she’s interpreting.

Damola is also an intercessor. She runs a prayer ministry known as “Strength to Conceive” mainly for those who are believing God for the fruits of the womb. God said “Strenthen them prayerfully as they go through the journey of waiting, challenge the lukewarmness in them and leave the rest for me”. God has been faithful as we have had testimonies of women giving birth to children after years of waiting.

She’s a worshiper, a writer, composer and actor. She is also a mother and a wife.


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