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Olufemi Adeagbo, formerly professionally known as F-Clef, has adopted a new stage name, FemiClef. We are guessing it’s to put an end to the question what “F” in “F-Clef” means. FemiClef isn’t just putting an end to a question, he’s also bringing to an end his hiatus from the music scene. While he’s been performing and ministering at events all the while, he makes a return as a recording artiste with the release of a new single titled THE GLORY.

THE GLORY, as the title implies, is a song that accords all gratitude and appreciation to the Most High God. There’s not enough praises and thanks that we can give God to show how much we are grateful, as the song rightly admits. However, it’s never too late to start, it’s never too early to stop giving God all #TheGlory.




Kini ma fi San ore re baba /2×

(What could i pay for your goodness)

Take all the glory lord

Verse 1

There are times i fall ,you pick me up again

When the enemy comes, he flee in many ways

Aiye so p’otan ,baba so p’oku

(The world said I’m concluded, but God said its not yet over)

If not for you, aiye o ba ti gbagbe mi (If not for you,i could have been forgotten)

Repeat verse 1


Kini ma fi San ore re baba / 4ce

(What could i pay for your goodness ‘ Father’)

Baba gba ope mi. / 4ce

(Father, accept my worship)

I don’t know what I’m gonna give you Lord

Glory belongs to you


Verse 2

I have a reason to praise the Lord

O s’ore m’ele gbagbe re o

(You’ve done good things i can’t forget)

Otaobayomi, oluwa lo s’ola ,odamilare

(I could have been mocked ,but God honored me: he justified me)

I’m lost for words to say



Call….Take all the glory / 3ce

Resp…Gba ope mimi (accept my worship)

Call…..Take all the glory

Resp…Take all the glory

Call….Take all the glory

Resp..Take all the glory

Call.…Take all the glory

All…Gba ope mi (Accept my worship)

Ad lib

Before the mountain were brought forward, before creation of the world,you’ve been above all,you’ve been above all

Resp….Gba ope mi


Take all the glory lord

Resp..Gba ope mi

If every hair on my body could be tongues, it still won’t be enough to praise you Lord

Resp…Gba ope mi


Take all the Glory Lord


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