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Award-winning Gospel sensation and energetic singer, song-writer — Yoyo Michael releases a new single titled “Say Amen”. The song is a prophetic declaration of the blessings and expectations that are needed to go through the year in a grand style. The song is for all seasons and it’s prayers encompass all aspects of one’s life.

Yoyo is a Nigerian Gospel Singer and Song-writer with hits like ‘Amen’, ‘Osiwi’, ‘Thank You’ “Ekun Ayo” and the just-released sensational music video ‘Ekun Ayo’. ‘Say Amen’ is a follow-up from ‘Ekun Ayo’ as it goes further to proclaim God’s blessing on us as we go through the year.

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This year favour go follow you oh

This year you nor go suffer oh

This year na only tears of Joy naim

Go dey your eyes oh yeah this year

This year you go reap the fruit of your labour

This year success go follow you oh

This year na only congratulation naim go be your portion oh

Yeh this year

If you believe it say Amen

Res: Amen

Ma ti ye’emo

Ma re bi iwoh

Ma ti wigho

Mare ti fe

Anything you ask for naim my God go do oh

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Anything you touch e go turn to gold

If you believe it say Amen


No matter what we do things will be better this year(amen)

Our life go better, family go better (Amen)

Poverty nor be your portion oh (Amen)

Say Amen

We go make money (Amen)

Plenty plenty blessings (Amen)

Ego better for you (Amen)

Ego better for me (Amen)

You go marry oh (Amen)

You go get children oh (Amen)

Nigeria go better oh (Amen)

Africa go better oh (Amen)

Employment go dey oh (Amen)

Even light nkor go dey, everywhere go change

Ama kolemole

Ama bimolemo

Ama lo’owo lo wo

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We go buy buggati

We go buy plenty plenty houses

We go live long oh

Nobody go die for your family oh

Say Amen…

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