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Mama Ella is a pastor and pastor’s wife at Church Without Walls Aba.

Pioneering Humble hearts International; an office that guides the married to keep living in love…

She is a passionate worshipper, living in love and serving the lord devotedly.

An attitudinal Change Agent and Marriage coach.

Married to her Deep lover, Pst Nkem Aniemeke ~ lead Pastor at Church Without Walls Global Ministries…

Keep living in love…

Ome n’uko is a song for the season, as those who know their God will upon his name in a time like this and he will answer.

He is our all breasted one..ever ready to feed us and hear our cry when we call.

The government may have failed us, companies may have also failed but “Ome n’uko” never fails.

Just call him and he will answer!

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Verse 1…
When the fig tree seizes to bud.
When the land turns dry instead of Green ooo
You make a way ( call and response)
You make a way
Baba you make a way

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Your hands are not short
Your heart is so large oo
You’re rich in Glory, in Silver and in Gold oo
My papa is rich o
My papa is rich o
Ome n’uko m eee
( My help in drought)

Jehovah jireh m aaaa
(Call in)
Ome n’uko
( My help in drought)
Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko
Aka n’egbo mpkaaa(The hand that provides)
Ome n’uko {My help in drought}
Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko
The Great provider…
The Great provider…
(Great provider)
Chi nganga m leeee (God of Splendor and pride)

Ome n’uko bia nu oo
(My help in drought place come)
Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko
Chineme n’uko aaaaa
The Great provider
The Greatest provider
Chi nganga leee(God of splendor and pride)

Verse 2.
You know when to come
You know when to help
You know when to answer
So I call you my father…
Abba father aaaaaa
Abba Father aaaaa
Abba father aaaaa

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Your hands are not short
Your heart is so large
You’re rich in glory
In Silver and in Gold
My papa is rich ooo
My papa is rich ooo
Ome n’uko m eeee
Jehovah jireh m aaaaa

Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko
Chineme Mma eee
Chi n’eme Ihe n’ile e
The great provider..
Great provider aaa..
Chi nganga meeee

Ome n’uko bianu oooo (My help in drought pls come)
Bianu oooo bianu oo
Aka n’egbo mkpa Lee(My hand my help)
Zaa nu ooo zaa nu oo
(Answer me answer me)
The great provider
The greatest provider aaa
(Ewoo chim ooo)
Chi nganga leee

Bridge 1.
Jehovah jireh m aaaa
Jehovah Jehovah jireh!
Otu aka n’eru MBA
(One hand that reaches to all nations)
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Osimiri atata osimiri atata (2x)
(The river that never runs dry)
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Jehovah Jehovah jireh

Bridge 2..
Ome n’uko bu njiri Mara GI ( You’re known to help in drought)
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Ara n’azu umu,ara n’azu(the all breasted one that feeds his own) Jehovah Jehovah jireh daddy
Daddy eee
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Daddy eee

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Bridge 3..
Nnam ihe isi ike akaria
(My Father,With this rise in drought)
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Zitere anyi onye ozi na Zion
(Send us help from Zion)
Nnam bugharia oche (2x)
Jehovah jireh
(My father,let the chair of wealth change!

Bridge 4…
I makwa n’obodo anyi no n’uko (You know our land is in scarcity)
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko
Ome n’uko zaa nu eee
Jehovah jehovah jireh
Ome n’uko zaa nu ooo
(My help in drought answer me)
Ka akwa ariri laa (2x)
(Let the tears of shame and reproach depart!)
Jehovah Jehovah jireh
Obi ajulu m oo
(Make my heart rest in plenty)
Jehovah Jehovah jireh

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