DOWNLOAD MP3: Princessa Joyce – Love Of My Life Lyrics
DOWNLOAD MP3: Princessa Joyce – Love Of My Life Lyrics
International Gospel recording artiste, Princessa Joyce releases “Love Of My Life,” a new and irresistible melodious song portraying the satisfaction that comes from the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“In His presence there is fullness of joy and everything. There is no one that can love like him. He is love irresistible. “

“Love Of My Life” is a love song born out of a deep sweet relationship with the Person of Jesus and how just being in His presence makes life so meaningful and beautiful. It’s a song that draws you closer to God and a call for rich fellowship with the Spirit.

Download, listen, and share with your family and friends. Be blessed.


LYRICS – Love Of My Life

Here in your presence
I am so satisfied
Your lovely hands around me
Feels like heaven within my heart
Your love’s amazing
Nothing compares to it
You are all that l need
And in your presence
I’ll always be

You’re the love of my life
You’re the air that l breath
You’re the strength that l feel within my heart
You’re the hope that l have
You’re the joy that I’ve found
You’re the peace that l feel
Within my heart

Oh oh oh oh
How l love you
Oh oh oh oh
How l love you
Repeat (All)
Repeat chorus (All)2x

Repeat bridge

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Instagram: @princessa.joyce

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