DOWNLOAD MP3: Rev Kathy Kiuna – In The Fullness Of Time

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is one of the most identical preachers in the history of Kenya. She is the co-founder of Jubilee Christian Church(JCC) which was started in 1999 under the leadership of her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna. Reverend Kiuna’s is currently in charge of the “daughters of Zion” ministry which was born in 2003 and focuses on uplifting women. The history of Kathy Kiuna is outstanding, having risen from a mere secretary to becoming a very respectable preacher in Kenya.

“‘In The Fullness Of Time,’ He’ll come through. Many nights we sat in our room and my husband would tell me to sing it again and again as we both cried. This pic is to let someone in waiting know that your laughter is coming soon.”



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