DOWNLOAD MP3: Rosemary – Eyes For Only You (Remix)
Rosemary – Eyes For Only You (Remix)

Renowned music minister and author, RoseMary Tony-Ayoko, monotonously known as Rosemary, has once again captivated audience with the release of the remix for her chart-topping single, “Eyes For Only You.”

Following the success of the initial version released in November 2022, Rosemary felt compelled to revisit and elevate the song to new heights. The remix, accompanied by a visually stunning presentation, is set to reaffirm the song’s powerful message and connect with a broader audience.
Produced by the talented Kofoworola Adewale, and music directed by Abisola Adekunle “Eyes For Only You” stands as a testament to Rosemary’s unwavering faith and resilience.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Rosemary shared her heartfelt sentiments on her Instagram page. “I remember barely three days after the release of the first version of this song last year November, our faith was tried… With tears in our eyes, our faith in Him deepened and grew stronger because we knew we wouldn’t drown.”

This year has undoubtedly been a standout one for Rosemary, with multiple hit singles, including “The Holy Spirit and I – The Encounters” and “Ruach Hakodesh.” “Eyes For Only You” holds a special place as a song she released to celebrate her birthday, making it even more significant and meaningful to her and her fans.

The remix promises to deliver an enriched musical experience, combining Rosemary’s soul-stirring vocals with an engaging visual narrative. As Rosemary continues to make a mark in the gospel music scene, “Eyes For Only You (Remix)” is poised to leave an indelible impression on listeners.




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