Each of the singles i have released so far, ranging from I Believe in God, Forever Praising You and Father, are all inspired songs.

Symbol of Love was inspired by scenarios that happened to me in the year 2019, from August to November, with which i am a testimony to many and still a testimony today (My Testimony is loud).

As believers, we will be face with certain situations that will mould us for a greater purpose in God’s kingdom and our personal lives, making us Symbols of God’s love for others to see and believe in God the Father.

Symbol of Love is a song that bring one to the fact that we need to be constantly working in the light of God through love knowing fully well that the love of God for humanity is limitless, also serves as a reminder to believers on how to be more focused no matter the arrow thrown at them, helping one know his/her position in the kingdom.

The song “Symbol of Love” I believe will transform and bring believers to the consciousness of who they truly are in Christ Jesus.



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