Download The Color No Greater Love mp3

Download The Color No Greater Love mp3

The Color releases new song and video for “No Greater Love” today (DREAM Records) to all digital retailers. The song is the epitome of a summertime bop. The song marks the band’s fourth release off of their much anticipated upcoming album (October 2021) and it reveals a fun and energetic vibe that carries a little bit of 80s nostalgia. As part of the release, the group releases the music video which was directed by Andrew Bergen and produced by Tyler Friesen from The Film Collective.

Frontman Jordan Janzen shares a bit about the writing process. “The chorus melody came to me after a morning run. I was standing in my kitchen, making breakfast, and suddenly it was right there, in my head. I was so stoked about it that I laid it down in my voice memos and sent it off to the guys, immediately. Realistically, 95% of the time when I bring a melody to the table, it will get tweaked and improved in the session. But this was a rare situation where the melody you hear in the final version is the same as the initial idea. It just felt right. Once we had that, the rest took shape quickly.”




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