Download Mp3: Winnie Martins - Living Sacrifice
Download Mp3: Winnie Martins – Living Sacrifice

Even if you decided to shut your ears to the lyrics of the song and just nod to the percussion and base lines, those two would make your entire day. Still, Winnie has again outdone herself with her super impressive songwriting and storytelling skills in her new single titled ‘Living Sacrifice’.

This song — and her previous works featuring the likes of Tim Godfrey, Limoblaze, Agent Snypa alongside other big names — further proves that not all faith music is mediocre art and that there are faith-based songs with excellent delivery.

‘Living Sacrifice’ is a life-giving, soft rock gospel song through which Winnie talks about the consistency of her God and her gratitude towards the fact that He always shows up for her and really anyone that calls on Him. It encourages the listener to stick to God, even though they get talked about badly and get persecuted over and over for His sake, using herself as an example.




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