How To Know If He or She Really Loves You - Pst Kingsley Okonkwo

We worry often about knowing who loves us and who doesn’t. And this doesn’t exclude any social strata or gender, we are all on this table together. Maybe this is because everyone wants to be genuinely loved, everyone wants a relationship/marriage where they are made to feel like they’re the only ones in the world… You know… we’re all selfish and this doesn’t exclude our choice of partners.
Although most of the time we may never come to the point where we have absolute knowledge of whether one loves us or not, there are pointers that have not failed to show where we are placed in people’s lives…. Hints that show if we are who they really want or are one of the many options the world’s about 8 billion has abundantly offered, in beauty, glamor and charm.

Here are some tips from the pastor Kingsley and I hope you have a good time watching.

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