Corona Virus/5G: Let Us Assume That

Let Us Assume that:
1) The cause of this pandemic is the 5-G technology.

2) The only answer to the pandemic is a vaccine to be administered with a chip.

3) The chip will be the fulfilment of the biblical prophecy of 666, the mark of the beast.

4) Anyone whether he is a believer or not, who takes the vaccine (with the chip) which is mark of the beast will be automatically lost forever!

5) Any one who refuses to take the vaccine will die from the virus or from hunger but he will be saved whether he is a believer or not!

Such a person will not even be allowed to buy or sell because he doesn’t have the mark of the beast but he will be saved forever! .

So, the only way out of the pandemic is to take the vaccine. The vaccine is the only way to survive now!

What is the Implication of all these?

If the above 5 points are correct it means that:

Salvation now is purely based on receiving or refusing the mark (the vaccine).

Even if one is a believer but takes the mark he will be lost. So, salvation now is purely based on what we do with the mark!
If you take the vaccine you shall be lost. If you reject the vaccine you shall be saved!

Salvation by faith in Christ Jesus is no longer valid. Christ died in vain. Jesus is no longer the message.

The vaccine is now the message!

Do you understand now?

Rev. Joshua Izugbara Nwokedi is The Senior of The Living Ambassadors Church Kubwa Abuja, Nigeria. He is an author of several books. Visit for his books and Articles

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