DOWNLOAD MP3: Emmanuel Omoniyi - Kosi

Nigeria-based worshiper and songwriter Emmanuel Omoniyi makes his debut with a single titled Kosi which means None Like You produced by Dr Chef.

Kosi by Emmanuel is a song that expresses how great our God is, coming with affirmation that there is no one like our God, according to the word of God in the book of 1 Samuel 2:2 “There is none holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God”.

It’s a worship song that will melt your heart towards God.




Who made a way

in the midst of the sea

Who calmed the storm

Who raised the dead

Iwo na nii

My beacon of hope

Bright shining light my redeemer

The wonder-working God

The lifter of my head


Ko ma se ni bire


Kosi o

Kosi o

Kosi o

Iwo sa l’olorun mi


Oga ogo iyin

Atobiju Ola

Oke rabata tin gbe oke miran mi

Ko ma senikan bire

Ogbon ninu ogbon

Ipinlese ati opinion

Ada eda, amo eda, ase da

Iwo ni kan sa l’oba

Ko ma seni to le hi o lere

Ko ma seni to le tu ise re wo o

Ko ma senikan to le se aka we ogo

Ti Iwo fin je olorun

(Back to chorus)


Kosi o o o

Ko senikan bire

Kosi o o

L’orun ati Aye

Kosi o o o

Ko senikan bire

Lord you reign

L’orun ati Aye

Kosi o

Ko ma ma so

Kosi o

Iwo sa l’olorun mi


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