DOWNLOAD MP3: Faith DJ - Matamando ft Paul Kahala

Malawian rapper Faith DJ features worship leader Paul Kachala in rap worship single titled MATAMANDO.

“Matamando” means “Praises” and Faith DJ ascribes all of it to God in this semi-live worship hip-hop song coming off the soon to be released album with the same name.

From the lyrics, you can hear God being called all the beautiful names for who He is and what He does. The video captures beautiful scenes and landscapes and it’s a delight to watch.





EeehhMulungu wanga x2



Ndipelekamatamando x2


Oh Lord I bless you exalt honor worship you

You are the Lord of Lords

Great I am King of kings

Alpha and omega

The beginning and the end

The strong and breasted sovereign one

The Omnipotent almighty God

I magnify your name


and lift Your name on high

I worship you alone


Oh Adonai

You are excellent in all your ways

worthy of all our praise

Worthy of honor adoration you are God forever

The God that was and is and is to Come

You never change

The same yesterday today forever more you live

You reign forever in me you reign

Always on the throne

From everlasting to everlasting

You remain God

The only wise and awesome God

There is none like you

The one true and living God

There is none like you

Creator of all universe

The earth is your footstool

You are supreme and incomparable

There is none like You


Oh Lord I give you all the praise

I give you all the honor

Oh Lord I give you all the praise

And all the honor

And all the blessings and power and glory be unto your name



Ambuyendikutamandani, kulambilani,



You are good kind sweet lord you are beautiful

You are merciful,


You are Incredible

You are all powerful

Lord you are invincible

Yes you made your mighty self

Available and reachable

You looked at mankind

And found us valuable

Even in our sin

You found us valuable

Even when we denied hurt and turned away from You

You sent us Jesus Lord your love is indescribable

That’s why when we embrace you our lives are different

That’s why when we embrace you our lives are excellent

Then we begin to love you

Coz you first loved us

And we find our purpose

Coz in you is the reason for life

The psalmist did say

Your love is better than life

And Paul did say

You Lord are our life

And I even say that

I love you more than my own life

You are the truth the way the life

And without you

There is no life



Great are You Lord

You are mighty

I give you all the praise

You alone are God


Oh Lord you are awesome

You are holy

And I give you all the praise

You alone are God



Faith DJ is a Malawian female Christian rapper, song writer, singer and poet who has been active for several years. She started as a poet and organizing gospel hip-hop concerts in college and also started a gospel hip-hop radio show “Life Rap”.

She wrote her first song in 2010 and released her debut single in 2015 and has since released several singles including the “The Best person in the World” in January 2021 and her first EP in February 2021 titled “Amazing Love”.

Her album “Matamando” is set for release mid 2021 and will feature the title track Matamando, a semi-live worship hip-hop, the several released singles and completely new music. Outside of music, she holds a PhD in Economics and is a member of several international research bodies.

You can stream all released singles and EPs and music videos on all online stores worldwide.


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