Spaghetti Records CEO, Mike Abdul releases a brand new tune labelled — “You No Dey Look Face”. While he features the Yoruba Mass Choir, Mike Abdul reminds us of this character of GOD in his latest ballad, “You No Dey Look Face”.

It’s easy to forget that GOD is not us; To think that human protocols must apply to the ALL – MIGHTY. Luckily the ever present Father doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t ghost, and doesn’t post.

According to Mike Abdul, ‘You No Dey Look Face’ is a song written for those who seek HIS face.

It also has its official music video creatively directed by Ralph Kanye and audio, produced by Tyanx.

However, this is a follow up sound of Mike Abdul’s “Baba Ese” which is still making trends in the Gospel music scene.




You No Dey Form Say You Too Busy

Anytime I Call Upon You Answer

You Show Me Love, So Much Love

Jehovah No Dey Fall My Hand.

You No Dey Look Face

You Too Dey Show Grace

When You Save, It’s Not According To Race

Your Favour Is Not Given By Social Status Or Family Name.

Extreme Grace, Why Not If Not

I Sidon Chop Grace, It’s Not My Fault

Chop Clean Face, Clean Slate, New Fate

Your Mercy Is My Lifter I Win The Race.

This Life Is Not Balanced, A Common Phrase

You Brought The Balance, Your Son You Gave

He Took The Shame, The Pain, The Grave

I’m Risen, I Live The Life He Gave.

To Everyone Who Seeks Your Face

You Reserve The Grace They Don’t Deserve

How Can They Be Holy Before Arrival

Come As You Are, God No Dey Look Face.


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