Ologojulo -Tkeyz

Renowned gospel artist Tkeyz is set to elevate spirits and touch hearts with his latest release titled,“Ologojulo”.

Ologojulo is a song of gratitude and worship. Its lyrics reflect Tkeyz deep reverence for God and the profound impact of faith. With its universal message of hope and worship, this song has the potential to resonate with audiences worldwide.

The song is yet another shining example of Tkeyz’s dedication to spreading the message of love, grace, and salvation through his music.

Ologojulo is available for streaming and on all major music platforms.

Listen, share and be blessed!!



Ologojulo By Tkeyz – LYRICS
Aiku , Aisa
Eternal, Everlasting,
Aile dibaje ni o
You are Incorruptible
most glorious one
Jesu , oluwa
Jesus, My God
Oruko re ga
Your name is exalted
Most glorious one

Connect with Tkey on Social Media:
Instagram/Twitter: @Holuwatkeyz


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