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#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee



#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee

Starting our whole New series tagged “#SonsHub_Interacts” we bring to you an Exclusive interview with Sunny Praise Adejoh [AKA Sunny Pee​] (Abuja’s Finest Gospel Music producer). It was an awesome and revealing time our correspondent had with him.

NB: Bold Letters are questions from our correspondent

Good day Sir. The atmosphere here is soooo beautiful. Can we meet you?

Good day, Yeah beautiful atmosphere. OK, my Name is Sunny Praise Adejoh but popularly known as Sunny Pee

You are a producer… How has it been? What has work been like???

Yes I’m a producer (Gospel music producer). God is faithful and Work has been very awesome

#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee

Heard you’re married to one fine sisi eko… How has family life affected your work, also how has work affected your family life???

Yes I’m married to my best friend and the most beautiful woman on planet earth and I also have 2 lovely boys. Family life affected my work? Naaaa, rather work affects my family life because there are days I get so busy that I don’t see my family for days. Work can be very demanding at times but I thank I thank God for my family because they are so understanding.

Who and what inspires you??

  The Holy Spirit is my first inspiration, secondly Moses Abdulkass, and thirdly Ebenezer Iriemi

#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee

Do you produce just gospel music or you produce non gospel content?

Strictly Gospel

#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee

Are you selective of content and Artiste to produce? And what are your reasons?

Yeah very selective of Artist and content .
Reason being that I don’t subscribe to mediocrity

For how long have you been a producer and when did you experience the greatest satisfaction in production business?

I started production as far back as 1998 using Yamaha Psr 630 but I officially started working at the studio 2003.
My greatest satisfaction started from the day I decided to stick to Gospel alone

#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee


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What are your challenges in the industry generally?

The only and major challenge in the Gospel music industry is the inability to support and promote ourselves

Do you think Gospel music producers are recognized as expected?


#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee

Would you say you have your sound Or you carved a niche for yourself in the industry?

Yes by the grace of God I’ve been able to carve out my own sound

What are your challenges or limitations working with gospel artiste?

The major challenge with Gospel music ministers is lack of finance.

We gathered that you have worked with great artistes and on great songs. Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

By the mercies of God, I see myself where God wants me to be.

#SonsHub_Interacts:: An Exclusive Interview with Sunny Pee

Knowing you produced “Ekwueme by Prosper Ochimana” (Probably the biggest gospel music in 2017), How has that affected your work and what are the challenges?

Yeah Ekwueme was actually my launch to the world! After producing and release of Ekwueme, people began to admire the atmosphere created in the song by the Holyspirit. I received calls and messages from all over (Germany, US, Uk, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal,) and all they were saying was “I listened to Ekwueme and I was really blessed”, “I want you to produce me” and all that.
That actually kept me on my toes and made me invested more in the studio because its no longer a Nigeria thing, it involves the world!
I’ve had situation where people finished recording there songs and brought to me for mixing and all they ask is can you create that Ekwueme atmosphere on it ? And my response always is “I can’t create an atmosphere, its the Holy Spirit that creates the atmosphere”

Aside Ekwueme, which other widely received song have you produced?

I’ve produced couple of great songs, here are few i could remember, Lion of Judah by David G, Jesus is Here by Emma sings, Yaweh by David G, OMEMMA by Emma sings, Glorified by Benjamin Israel any many more..

What genre of music would you depick if you were asked to stick to a genre???

Genre? I don’t really have a particular genre because first I’m a musician before being a producer. So its expected of me to be able to produce all genres of music


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What do you have to tell other aspiring producers??

Patience and consistency is the key to success. Keep doing your best, never stop learning and improving yourself.

What should we be expecting from you and when??

Expectations! I produce beautiful and awesome songs everyday by the help of the Holy Spirit so expect good music everyday.

How do we connect with you via social media?

I’m on facebook (Sunny Pee)
Instagram (Sunnypeeofficial)
Email. [email protected]
Contact number: 08068546705 (Global music studio)

Thanks for your time and God bless you.


God bless you too. Do have a pleasant day ahead .




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