#WakeUpOlive: Church Rallies in Resurrection Prayer for Bethel Singer’s Dead Infant Daughter

Bethel worship leader Kalley Heiligenthal has called upon the global church to pray for her 2-year-old daughter, Olive, who was pronounced dead over the weekend.

“Early on December 14th, Kalley and Andrew Heiligenthal’s beautiful little girl, Olive Alayne, unexpectedly stopped breathing in her sleep, organizers of a GoFundMe Campaign wrote on a crowdfunding page set up on the family’s behalf. “She was 2 years old, vivacious, full of wonder, full of life.”

#WakeUpOlive: Church Rallies in Resurrection Prayer for Bethel Singer’s Dead Infant Daughter

Kalley took to Instagram Sunday asking for bold, miraculous prayers for her baby girl.

“We believe in a Jesus who died and conclusively defeated every grave, holding the keys to resurrection power. We need it for our little Olive Alayne, who stopped breathing yesterday and has been pronounced dead by doctors.”

Devastated by the tragedy, Kalley and Andrew are believing that their daughter can be raised to life by the power of Jesus Christ.

“We are asking for bold, unified prayers from the global church to stand with us in belief that He will raise this little girl back to life,” Kalley continued. “Her time here is not done, and it is our time to believe boldly, and with confidence wield what King Jesus paid for. It’s time for her to come to life.

Worship leaders, church leaders, and believers around the world have joined in prayer using the hashtag #WakeUpOlive.


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We are standing with and contending for the Heiligenthals and lifting them up to Christ, who is merciful. 🌅 @kalleyheili @apheiligenthal ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #Repost @ritaspringer⁣ In a dark moment, years ago, I asked God why he was a midnight God. Why did he come at what seemed like the darkest hour and not arrive right away on the scene of our situations, before trauma could reach us? His response was profound and simple. “Midnight is the first hour of a new day. So, I arrive at the first hour of a new day before even the sun rises, I am on the scene.” If we are in a dark room the light of one candle can find our way. If you watch the crack of sun come up over the hills it’s surreal how it fills the dark sky with its expanse of light. This morning I waited for light like breath. ⁣ ⁣ There are some days that are filled with unspeakable pain and words fail even to form them. The silence at midnight can seem deafening until we realize that what we may feel is the last hour or the darkest moment is God starting a new beginning to a new day. ⁣ ⁣ As I boarded an unexpected flight today before light emerged, I waited as we climbed 35 thousand feet to be reminded that God is a God of resurrecting light coming up over the horizon. He is the first hour God. He is a God of open tombs and thin veils. He is heaven and earth attentive. ⁣ ⁣ Right now he is listening to thousands of voices asking for mercy for tiny Olive and her family. He is a God with no chasm with his love for us. He is a God right in the middle of it. Oh great God of midnight….. please turn the lights on. #awaken

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On Sunday night, even amidst the tragedy of Olive being asleep, Kalley led worship at Bethel Church. Several members of the Bethel family shared incredible videos of the heartbroken mother crying out to Jesus, boldly declaring that God will revive her daughter, and a church family echoing her desperate plea for God to move on Olive’s behalf.


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@kalleyheili prophesying !!!⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ #WakeUpOlive

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Declaring a line from Leland’s “Way Maker,” Kalley can be seen running across the stage, physically worshipping with every ounce of faith and BELIEF in her bones.

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“Even when I don’t see it, you’re working,” she shouts. “And even when I don’t feel it, you’re working. You never stop, you never stop working.”

As the song continues, the church collectively declares the Truth of who our God is.

“You are way maker, miracle-worker, promise-keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who you are.”

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“THIS. IS. WORSHIP.” Hillsong’s Brooke Ligertwood wrote in awe of Kalley’s indescribable declaration of faith. It’s a hope and a confidence that can only be described by our miracle working God.

We’ve seen Jesus raise people from the dead before. Specifically, in Mark 5:41, Jesus raises a young girl from the dead with just two words.

He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum!” (which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” ).

And with that, she immediately stood up and walked.

On Monday morning, Kalley posted a series of photos on Instagram writing, “Day 3 is a really good day for resurrection.”

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Thanking the global church for their outpouring of love, prayers, and FAITH, Kalley wrote yet another powerful declaration—one that was given to her daughter the day she was born.

“Jesus is Faithful and True and He’s riding in with the victory He bought for Olive. Olive Alayne means ‘victorious awakening,’” Kalley wrote. “We call on the mighty all-sufficient name of Jesus and we call you back by name, sweet girl. You will live. Thank you for your faith-filled declarations, keep them coming. Worship Jesus with us, He is moving, He is good, He is worthy and He is alive.”

Please join us in praying boldly over Olive today. “Talitha koum.” Little girl, get up.

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