US-based Nigerian medical Doctor and Music Ministrel, Dr. TJ releases a high-spirited song titled “Baba” (“Father”). It is a song of praise and Dr. TJ describes Baba as a piece crafted from the vivacious ambience of gratitude. In his words:

“To be truly thankful, we must first be intentionally thoughtful; this is because thoughtfulness helps us to see the benefits that we have received, propels us to acknowledge them and with this realisation, we express gratitude.”

The very exciting and everyday-savvy song has the music fussion of the African-inclination and a spice of the urban flair; – a seamless mix that makes BABA a piece of art exciting to the ears, stimulating to the mind, appealing to the soul, benefiting to the spirit and timeless in the sphere of humanity.



Baba the way you de bless us

Too much o 2x

So we praise you

For all of your blessings

We hail you

We salute you

You de bless us you no de tire

Cos every day Lord

Your mercies are new

So we give you the highest praise Lord

We hail you 2x


When you see me dance

When you see me clap

When you see me praise

It’s all because of what you have done

When I count 123,12345 o

Can not count it all

Your blessings are too many to count

Lv Oh Lord my God

I praise your name

Resp oh lord my God I praise your name

Lv for all you’ve done

I praise you lord

Resp oh lord my God

I praise your name

Hallelujah you’ve done me well

And your mercies overshadow me

And your blessings de follow me

I really wanna praise you Baba


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