YWAM Kona Music – The Sound Of Go (New EP)

Integrity Music releases the follow-up EP, The Sound Of Go, from YWAM Kona Music. The debut release, The Commission, released in 2020 and contained songs about the mission of being sent; whereas, this new EP is the continued heart and next step to follow through the call to reach the ends of the earth. YWAM Kona Music is a diverse, global collective of artists, creatives, dreamers and musicians.


YWAM Kona Music – The Sound Of Go (New EP) Track Listing

  1. To The Ends Of The Earth, feat. Chris McCall [LIVE]
  2. The Great I Am, feat. Teira Ila [LIVE]
  3. Every Nation / Isaiah 6, feat. Lindy Cofer [LIVE]
  4. Apostles Creed, feat. Chris McCall [LIVE]
  5. It’s My Joy, feat. Bryce Anderson [LIVE]
  6. Say Anything, feat. Lydia Sørensen [LIVE]


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