David Leonard The Wait Silence the Noise (Live) Free Album Download

Download David Leonard The Wait Silence the Noise (Live) Album 

David Leonard The Wait: Silence the Noise (Live) Mp3 + Zip Download : GRAMMY Award nominated duo, David Leonard (the All Sons & Daughters), is out with the releases of a brand-new Album project, “The Wait: Silence The Noise,” the recording puts a focus on the lyrics and allows the listener to worship – especially for anyone who’s been in that desert place looking for signs of life.

“There have been so many times in the past couple of months where I’ve done interviews and people have asked me why I have stepped away from the corporate worship thing,” Leonard explains. “To me, this is corporate worship. We’re just creating a new sound for it. So the hope with this project is that we allow people to see the songs for what they are, which are worship songs.”

Track List

  1. Download Mp3 Wanderer (Live)

  2. Download Mp3 By My Side (Live)

  3. Download Mp3 Signs of Life (Live)

  4. Download Mp3 Know Your Heart (Live)

  5. Download Mp3 Come As You Are (Live)

  6. Download Mp3 Share This Burden (Live)

  7. Download Mp3 There’s Nobody (Live)

  8. Download Mp3 I Will Wait (Live)

  9. Download Mp3 Mysterious Ways (Live)

  10. Download Mp3 Distant God (Live)

  11. Download Mp3 You Know Me (Live)

  12. Download Mp3 Threads (Live)

  13. Download Mp3 The Little That I Know (Live)

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