DOWNLOAD PDF BOOK: JJ Hairston and wife Trina - A Miracle Marriage

JJ Hairston and wife Trina A Miracle Marriage : GRAMMY nominated artist JJ Hairston and wife Trina Hairston co-writes this amazing relationship book “A Miracle Marriage” (Vol. 1) which is avialable for download below.

Volume 1 of this book explores the importance of forgiveness, trust, and restoration. While many people see the successful career of Youthful Praise from afar, this book provides a transparent, up-close and personal look at the cost, the care, and the calling of marriage.

“What God has done In our lives is truly a miracle. However, we had a part to play in that miracle.This book details a few of the steps we had to take to revive our marriage. If you need help in your relationship, I believe this book is for you” – JJ Hairston

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“JJ Hairston and I have been married for 25 years, together for a total of 30 years. As you can imagine this did not come easy. Bless God that the good definitely outweighs the bad. But it’s worth us testifying about”

If you are married you need to read, hear, and apply where necessary the tools to staying together. Truth is, you probably would not believe the things we’ve triumphed over. It’s no goodness of our own, it is truly #AMiracleMarriage” – Trina


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